Hoodrich is more than just clothing – it is a lifestyle.

Since 2014, Hoodrich has grown from a bedroom, one-manned venture to an international operation. Taking direct inspiration from the UK’s urban scene, the brand has been spotted on the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Giggs and Birmingham’s own Mist and Jaykae.


Jay Williams

Hoodrich was founded in 2014 by Jay Williams.

Born and raised in Birmingham, Jay chose to turn his passion for underground streetwear, coupled with his musical influences and sartorial knowledge, into a business. With a £200 start up, the first 30 tees were made. Fast forward to 2022, Hoodrich is the fastest growing streetwear brand the UK has seen. With an increasing presence in the US and Europe, Hoodrich is gearing up to take on the world. 

Hoodrich embodies the struggle. The come up.

Trust the process, this is just the beginning.

Jay aspires for the brand to be known worldwide and to be able to communicate with those who, like him, endeavour to go from nothing to something.